We Love No Other 6.2 - Illini Basketball 1988~1992

Jun 14, 2022

Hopefully you got some rain because you're going to want to mow the lawn twice this week. Once to get through the first half of this podcast (which is mostly all 1989) and then another mowing to get through the second half of the pod. It's two and a half hours long, so... plan your time accordingly.

If you missed last week's episode with Loren Tate (covering the years 1983 through 1987), it's available here. I mean, really, all podcast episodes are available wherever you get your podcasts (just search for We Love No Other). For eight consecutive Mondays I'll be releasing a podcast with the next five-year segment. Next up after this? 1993~1997. You could have probably guessed that, though.

This week: 1988 through 1992. For me, it was high school plus my freshman year of college. For my guest, Tyler Cottingham (you might know him around here as "Walkon"), this includes his years at UIUC. Which included the 1989 season when he was a walkon on the end of the bench high-fiving Mark Steinberg after a Kenny Battle dunk.

The full episode is below if you want to listen online. If you want to use Spotify you can find the episode here and if you're an Apple Podcasts person you can get the episode here.

Topics include:

  • Tyler's road trip to Cincinnati for the 1988 Round Of 32 matchup with Villanova.
  • The Flyin' Illini year (which Tyler got to view from behind the curtain).
  • Tyler getting pulled out of practice to be interviewed by future SEC Commissioner Mike Slive as part of the Bruce Pearl/Deon Thomas investigation.
  • Did Rennie Clemons dunk on Shaq?
  • Did Robert ever score a single point on his fifth-grade rec center traveling team?

One last warning: Two and one-half hours. 153 minutes in total. Maybe take a bathroom break first.



CapitalCityOutlaw50 on June 19, 2022 @ 10:47 PM

I just call this the Andy Kaufmann era.

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