Tale Of Two Cities III: The Field Pass Michigan Preview

Nov 18, 2022

I don't link their pods on the site nearly enough, but since we're doing the "blast out articles and podcasts left and right" thing this weekend, I figured I should link the latest Field Pass episode. This weekend is going to be fairly basketball-centric, so we need to send some football stuff out into the universe. There's a pretty big game tomorrow.

The Field Pass guys - Dan, John, and Dude K - do a preview pod and a recap pod before and after every football game. In the preview pod, they always do predictions. And Mikey Dudek has never broken his streak of predicting a win for the Illini. He still has former teammates on this team (Palcho, Michael Marchese, Sydney Brown, etc.), so there's no way he can pick against his boys. Although maybe he did this week? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT (I haven't yet so I don't know).

If you want to check out The Field Pass on iTunes, do that here. If you want to check it out on Spotify, do that here. And if you want to listen to the latest episode right now, you can do that here:


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