We Love No Other 5.4 - Second Week Of Camp

Aug 20, 2021

You know what's a great idea the week you're writing the preview? Put together a podcast with rapid fire questions you directed at maybe 30 different players - a podcast which takes 13 hours to splice and edit. My time management course on Master Class should be live next week. Not sure if I'll have the time to finish it.

This podcast will be like last week's podcast. Interviews and other recordings from a week of Illini training camp. If you want to skip through to a specific section, here's the three parts:

Part I (5:30) - Interviews
Part II (18:40) - The Sound Of Camp
Part III (25:30) - Rapid Fire

Total listening time: 51 minutes, 39 seconds. Or as I like to call it, the amount of time after tipoff in the Michigan game in March when the Michigan fans on Twitter went from "it's early - we'll be fine" to dead silent.

Here's the pod. You can listen/subscribe on Apple Podcasts here, on Spotify here, on Google Podcasts here, or just search for We Love No Other wherever you get your podcasts.

Or listen right here:


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