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Jul 26, 2021

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Am I actually... caught up? I'm pretty sure I'm caught up. It's so dumb that I even needed to catch up in the first place, but I came out of my May "I don't write much in May so I can recharge my brain" mental vacation a week early this year. Started trying to get caught up on LLUOI posts two months ago today. In between 90 Illini posts and "maybe we need to look at the depth chart again" posts and "KOFI BACK" posts, I've written 19 Looks Like University Of Illinois posts in those two months.

I know that probably doesn't sound like much, but I typically write 30 LLUOI posts every year (25 football transfer/HS recruit posts and 5 basketball transfer/HS recruit posts). Writing 19 LLUOI posts in two months is just too much for my brain to process. As I said in a recent post, each one of these is probably at least six hours or research/writing. Some are 4 hours, some are 8 hours, but I'd say 6 hours is the average. Yes, that's too much, but I take the Cruise ratings very very very very seriously. I have it in my head that it was the third hour of researching Daniel Barker where I landed on enough information to say that he's much better than his ratings and offers would suggest. The information is out there, and I must find it. When I see that I only gave Tarique Barnes 1.5 Cruises, it makes me want to double-down and only allow myself to give out a rating after I've completed a full seven hours of research.

Still, that's no excuse for being as behind as I was. I don't care if it's during the Big Ten Tournament - I need to look at Kionte Curry's film in late March, not late May. Yes, LLUOI's in the month of May will almost always be late, but that was March written in May. I got behind, they started to pile up, and I just found myself buried under my inbox.

Kionte Curry will probably always be the player that motivates me to stay on the LLUOI posts. Watching that film, I was all "uh, I'm pretty sure this is an NFL defensive back and I'm just finding out NOW?". I need to make a poster for my wall that says Never Forget The 2021 Inbox. Another Kionte Curry might verbal and I need to be on top of it the next time.

You know, like Jared Badie.

OK, I'm not at the same excitement level over Jared Badie as I was for Kionte Curry. But as far as "need" is concerned, in my mind, there were two must-get recruits in the state in this class: Austin Brown and Jared Badie. Mostly because of the future roster needs at those two positions.

For Brown, who picked Wisconsin, unfortunately, he seemed like the perfect safety for what this defense is supposed to be. Southern Illinois kid, we put in max recruiting effort with the fishing trip and whatnot - I really, really wanted him in orange and blue. I just feel like he's going to be the player in this class who haunts us for four years. Can't win 'em all, though.

For Badie, we have this new position of stand-up outside linebacker. You're a linebacker, but you're a defensive end. But you're a defensive end who has to drop into coverage at times. So you have to be a full-on linebacker. But you'll also have to get to the passer AND hold the edge, so really, you're a defensive end.

We haven't recruited to a position like that in years. There are players moved there this spring (mostly last year's defensive ends), but they weren't really recruited to drop into pass coverage. Michael Buchanan was recruited to drop into pass coverage 10 years ago, but we haven't recruited any Michael Buchanans in a while.

Jared Badie is that kind of outside linebacker. He's the kind of athlete who can play that position, I should say. Seth Coleman is probably the closest "here's the type of athlete they want there" player on the current roster, but I'd say that Badie is maybe even a little more the "type". He'll need work in the gym to add the bulk necessary to play that position, but as far as "tall athlete who runs like a safety but has the frame to eventually go one-on-one with a Big Ten offensive tackle and win," this is the guy.

The best news is that this isn't just a scheme fit guy. It's a scheme fit guy with a great offer list. Here's the full list:

Iowa State
Michigan State
Texas Tech
Arizona State
Michigan State

We need to live there. His profile says his four June visits were Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan State, and Tennessee. That is absolutely a neighborhood where we need to live. We should buy a big lot, save some money, build a house, flip it for profit, and then buy another house in that same neighborhood. We should then purchase yet another house in that neighborhood, live in one, rent out the other, get married, have kids, raise a family, and work from home so that we pretty much never leave the neighborhood except for a one-week vacation with second-cousin Adam, his wife Crystal, and their three kids, Brayden, Kenzie, and Micah, to Dream Bay Resort in Key Largo every year.

So those are two fairly big checkmarks. We MUST recruit outside 'backers in this class for this new position we have, and he's the best one in the state, and he has this great offer list, and he picked Illinois. Wait, would that be three checkmarks? Four? Let's just move on to film.

This first gif shows pretty much everything the staff is looking for with an outside linebacker. Please allow me to rephrase that. I, Robert Rosenthal, have no idea what the staff is looking for at outside linebacker. I have an opinion of what I think the staff is looking for at outside linebacker. This is nearly exactly what I think the staff is looking for at outside linebacker:

First off, he's like twice the size of any other defender on Oswego East's defense. Second, these OLB's in this defense are going to have to drop into coverage like this. It will be really weird to see Owen Carney doing it this year, but he's going to have to find a way to make it work. No more hand-in-the-dirt and either rush or hold the edge. On your feet, on the edge, run around a little bit.

Now, in this defense, Badie won't be lined up back with the linebackers. He'll be on his feet right off the end of the defensive line. But OLB's in this defense are going to need to do exactly what he does here. THREE offensive linemen are dispatched in his direction to seal him off from the tailback sneaking out of the backfield yet he's so quick and agile that he outruns them all to make the tackle.

Again, don't expect these outside linebackers to drop well off the line on every play. I said they'll have to be able to do it, not "this is what they'll do all the time". But when looking for a recruit to grow into that position, that's exactly what the coaches are looking for. Sorry, that's exactly what I think the coaches are looking for.

He'll also have to do this:

That's the old "stunt inside so quickly and violently that the offensive linemen get back to the huddle and ask each other how a 6'-5" football player could be that fast" play. Well, in college they'll ask each other that. Here, the center and right guard still have no idea they parted the Red Sea.

For this next one, well, I've watched this clip 40 times now and I love it more with each viewing. To beat the left guard he basically leaps to a spot to the left of him and then accelerates past him. It's like some football Euro-step or something. I just can't get over this athleticism:

I watch a play like that and honestly, I start to dream of him at inside linebacker. If he's that agile, make him some crazed Brian Urlacher running around. But then I realize that Urlacher is a unicorn, and guys that tall just can't really play on the inside unless they're unicorns, so I move back to my "he's the perfect OLB for this scheme" line of thinking.

His Rivals profile lists him at 202 lbs, his ESPN profile says 210 lbs, and his 247 profile says 212 lbs. All of those are too light to play this position, so he'll need at least two years of weight room work. Seth Coleman was around 200 lbs when he arrived, and he enters his third season this fall at 230 lbs, so that's probably the goal for Badie. Need to get him to 235 or so and then he'll be ready. Maybe... 2024?

Once he is ready? I just feel like he's exactly what we need at OLB. And that usually gets you a fair number or Cruises. I compared this to my excitement level for Kionte Curry above, stating that this was just a step below that. I gave Curry 3.75 Cruises, so the step below that would be...

Jared Badie - Three and one-half Tom Cruises.


iluvrt on July 26, 2021 @ 04:41 PM

Huge recruiting win. thanks Robert for the LLUOI. Though Warren would say it should be LLIU

Robert on July 26, 2021 @ 06:41 PM

Oh man I'm gonna steal LLIU and make a joke on Twitter. Good stuff.

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