The 90 Illini #74: DD Snyder

Jun 21, 2021

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Been out of town since Friday. Technically, I'm still out of town, getting back late tonight. But I have 45 minutes here, and I'm way behind (lol), so I'm gonna sneak in a 90i real quick. If you haven't noticed, I've been putting them in the feed below. I don't want to clutter the top of the site with 90i post after 90i post, so I'm choosing to put most of them down there.

Today is also supposed to be newsletter day, but I'll be working on that late tonight and tomorrow morning so if you're an Orange Tier subscriber look for that in your inbox some time tomorrow. And then this week I'm gonna plow through some 90i, so look out below.

74. DD Snyder

Defensive Back
Uniform number: n/a - incoming freshman
Year in school: True Freshman (5 years to play 4)
Height: 6'-0" -- Weight: 175 lbs.
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
High School: Tampa Catholic HS
Five best offers: Louisville, NC State, Duke, Indiana, Washington State
Tom Cruise rating:


I'll say it. Snyder was a victim of the Lovie/recruiting narrative. Not saying that narrative was wrong - just that Snyder is pretty far up there on my list of "why isn't the fanbase excited about this verbal?" players. As noted in that LLUOI linked there, ESPN had him as a the second-best player in the class.

He had a final six of Louisville, Indiana, UCF, USF, Washington State, and Illinois. In the end it came down to Louisville, Indiana, UCF, and Illinois. NC State then made a late run at him, but he picked Illinois in early July. Good film, we were in desperate need of defensive backs, he might be the best of all the DB's in the class.... if he committed tomorrow with that list of superlatives we'd be quite pleased. He committed at the height of the We Hate Lovie phase, though, so he was overlooked (in my opinion).

Football Recruits Should Be Evaluated Based Film And Offers, Not The Coach Who Recruited Them Guy

2021 Outlook

The first question is whether the staff sees him as a corner or a safety. The former staff saw him as a safety, but the former staff is gone (and so is their defensive scheme). So even though this class was set up to be Edwards-Green-Strain at corner and Washington-Snyder at safety, I wouldn't be surprised to see any of those corners switched to safety (or vice versa). Joriell Washington is probably the only "too big for corner" guy on that list, and Tyler Strain is probably the only "too small for safety" guy.

For now, we'll assume safety, and if that's the case, then there's real opportunity for Snyder to get on the field as a true freshman. My guess is that the top four safeties will be Sydney Brown, Quan Martin, Alabama transfer Eddie Smith, and Georgia transfer Prather Hudson. But these are new coaches with a new scheme and new ideas about what they want at safety. So while a position like the OL seems set based on what we saw last fall, a spot like safety is probably wide open. Plenty of space for a true freshman like Snyder to make a big push.


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