The 90 Illini #76: Daniel Edwards

Jun 17, 2021

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I like nicknames, and Edwards' Twitter profile says "Daniel (Snook) Edwards". I'm hoping that when the freshmen are added to the roster, he chooses to go by "Snook" on the roster. Daniel Edwards is just another name. Snook Edwards is an All American. If that one kid at Alabama can ask to be put on the roster as Kool-Aid McKinstry, Daniel can ask to be put on the roster as Snook Edwards.

(Or, if he wants, he can be Daniel Edwards. He gets to choose. I'd just choose the nickname. Isaih Williams? No, Juice Williams.)

76. Daniel Edwards

Defensive Back
Uniform number: n/a - true freshman
Year in school: True Freshman (5 years to play 4)
Height: 5'-11" -- Weight: 160 lbs.
Hometown: Winter Park, Florida
High School: Winter Park HS
Five best offers: Auburn, Ole Miss, Miami, Louisville, Purdue
Tom Cruise rating:


There's not much "background" I can offer for the incoming freshmen beyond what I just listed above (offers, etc.). So maybe I'll just link my favorite gif for Edwards:

Backpedal, backpedal, flip the hips and turn, HIT THE GAS. Fluidity is everything.

2021 Outlook

Cornerback is probably the one spot where the incoming freshmen can make an impact. With Marquez Beason moving over to wide receiver, the CB roster this spring looked like this:

Tony Adams (SR)
Kendall Smith (SR)
Devon Witherspoon (SO)
Taz Nicholson (FR)

Walkon Tailon Leitzsey was put on scholarship at the end of spring, but he was at free safety in the spring game, so it's possible he won't be with the corners this fall. The only guys we know that we know will be at corner are those four above.

TA and Spoon will start, but beyond that, I'd say that it's wide open. I think there's a chance for Edwards (or Kionte Curry, who is still to come on The 90 Illini) to be in the two-deep for the Nebraska game.


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