From The Stands - Nebraska

Sep 29, 2017

I need to hit the road. Have to be back in St. Louis tonight. So I don't think I'll write anything until I get back there (if I can stay awake). A postgame article might not go up until tomorrow. So maybe I'll just type out a mini post and then publish the From The Stands.

This From The Stands is very... self-focused. I don't really know how to discuss this game without trying to get you to peer through my lens. According to my Twitter mentions, I'm having a different experience than 97% of you. And I don't really know how to respond other than to say that most everyone I know expected three or four wins this year, and I don't really know what they thought a 3-9 or 4-8 season might look like.

I went to camp, I looked at the talent, I agreed with the coaching decision to turn to the true freshmen immediately, and I knew that decision would mean taking lumps. These were lumps. I predicted 27-10 last night, the game finished 28-6 tonight. So I can't really do much besides say "that went about as I expected" and move on to the next game.

My Twitter mentions... disagree with this sentiment. And I'm not really sure what to do with that. So I ranted about it for ten minutes while pacing around in the stands. I already hate it, but FTS is supposed to be my gut reaction after a game, so here it is.

From The Stands - Nebraska. Subtitle: I'm So Awesome So Everyone Listen To What I Have To Say.


thumpasaurus on September 29 @ 11:28 PM CDT

There's a lot I'd be willing to sacrifice if it means you're right.

DB50 on September 30 @ 01:12 AM CDT

I was also expecting Illinois to loose big to Nebraska and, unfortunately, they didn't disappoint me. This is going to be a long time to undo the disaster Beckman & company left this program in. The light at the end of the tunnel will not be apparent until the end of next season. Patience is not my strong suit but it is what I've resigned myself to with this very young team.

MuckFichigan92 on September 30 @ 03:04 AM CDT

The reason teams don't start a record-setting number of frosh was apparent Friday night. Tanner effing Lee?! This, much like much of last season, was winnable. Regrettably, the coaching staff chose to enlighten the frosh by getting bashed around. All other coaching staffs contain the learning to the practice field but Lovie & Co. thinks lashes lead to enlightenment. While the recruiting has picked up, this death by freshmen is lunacy; there are reasons no team does this.

Illinimac68 on September 30 @ 09:32 AM CDT

No team does this that has upperclassmen to play instead of freshmen. You assume that the juniors and seniors are better than the freshmen. There's little evidence of that.

Hoppy on September 30 @ 09:55 AM CDT

No team...except the WSU Cougars and Mike Leach. The same team that just knocked off top 5 USC and will be a top 15 team (at least) by Sunday. I remember watching a game when Mike Leach took over and hearing about their "youth movement" 5 years ago. So I looked it up.

How many freshman played? 17. How many seniors started regularly? 4. What was their record? 3-9. He then went on to a surprise 6-7 season, then back to 3-9, then started getting the 8 and 9 win seasons. ALL AT WSU! Now he's 5-0 and top 15. I bet that youth movement has paid off these past 3 years.

2015: 9-4 (6-3)

2016: 8-5 (7-2)

2017: 5-0 (2-0)

So yes, teams do this, and it will pay off. Maybe Lovie won't be the answer, but if he isn't, the next coach is going to have a GREAT first year because of this youth movement.

Source is in first paragraph:

SactownIllini on September 30 @ 01:57 PM CDT

Great insight! We're building for 2019, not 2017.

MuckFichigan92 on October 01 @ 02:53 AM CDT

Solid reply. I like Mike Leach. He should have been our coach rather than Tim Beckman. Damns our future, though.

Is there another P5 example of discounting upperclassmen?

Is there another example anywhere?

Endorsement of the outlier of starting so many freshmen by a career .506 coach is baffling. Northern Illinois on the road outplayed us at home. We are the only team to make Tanner GD Lee a Heisman candidate.

The settling is troubling but who will notice? .506 coach goes.... 7-5 in year four and some throw a party. Brick by brick, keep settling for FGs.

mdonsbach on September 30 @ 06:48 AM CDT

Look at it this way. At least Illini fans are still somewhat engaged with what is going on. Obviously no one likes it but apathy hasn't completely set in again. I try my hardest not to through negative stuff out on Twitter but I know it can be hard sometimes. Like most fans we just can seem to take off the Orange colored glasses to see it for what it actually is. A TOTAL rebuild.

HiggsBoson on September 30 @ 08:41 AM CDT

I don't know how engaged fans are anymore. Game thread at Scout was three screens long -- and the post game has 13 comments.

I can't help thinking that Lovie is coaching to get a better draft pick even though I know he knows the difference between pro and college.

It's not just the youth that's the problem. Chayce Crouch just isn't a quarterback you can win with. Great kid, decent runner, but doesn't seem to be able to make any of the throws. It's not like watching Juice, or Nate, or Kittner early in their careers. There was always something about them even when they were making freshmen mistakes.

My biggest concern with this rebuild is how long can Lovie's recruiting survive with repeated 3-9 seasons (assuming there's a third win out there)?

SactownIllini on September 30 @ 02:03 PM CDT

You make a great point too about those other QBs. You could see they were going to be special. And made some surprises and some surprise wins. I don't see that with Crouch thus far. I've seen potential in JG Jr and if he can cut down his turnovers, I think he could win us a game or two this year. It's a shame to see what I think is a talented WR core not be utilized this year.

Bear8287 on September 30 @ 05:13 PM CDT

It's a shame to see what I think is a talented WR core not be utilized this year.

Yes it is...

Dickbupkis on September 30 @ 09:24 AM CDT

I almost want to accuse you of faking that announcement near the end. "Memorial stadium is now closed" was perfect on so many levels. But I'm with you. I think I can see the big picture.

SactownIllini on September 30 @ 02:06 PM CDT

I'm with you about how I watch games. Hoping for a surprise win, but expecting losses. Building for good teams in 2019 or 2020. I just hope recruits don't get put off by the losing in the meantime.

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