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October 17, 2021 @ 10:33 AM

  1. Definitely not the #2 team.
  2. Some of the team logos are hard to see, where does UTSA land?
  3. Saw a stat where Nebraska leads FBS during the Scott Frost era with one possession losses (17) IIRC.

I said that the current Illini team reminded me of some of the Moeller Illini teams. Something that I remember being "a thing" during the Moeller years was going multiple consecutive quarters without scoring a touchdown. When do you think the Illini score their next touchdown? (A lot of this probably depends on QB play that has not been too good as of late.)

Your earlier article when you gave a rundown on Illini football was ironic from a timing standpoint for me, because I had just recently sent a text message saying "Best bet [to build back a program] was when Mackovic was the coach, but Illinois wasn't serious enough for him about football so he left for UT. Turned out to pretty much be a lose lose situation."

Thanks for the mailbag articles. They're entertaining and informative.

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