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September 20, 2021 @ 03:53 PM

Our new coaching staff seems to have an uncanny ability to dial up the blitz and/or give up the big play at exactly the wrong time. I'm thinking things like the Martinez run in the Nebraska game (which let them back into the game) and the blitz in the Maryland game where the Maryland QB threw a touchdown pass (that was luckily negated by a questionable chop block call). I wonder how many of these defensive gaffes and 20+ yard plays were the result of poor defensive calls given the offensive play call vs. player execution.

To me, the fourth and 1 punt at the Maryland 40, and the subsequent defensive and offensive possessions with less than 5 min left told us all we needed to know about BB and this staff: for all the bluster we have heard about "Football 101" and not beating ourselves, we don't have a combination of coaching and players that can avoid gift wrapping a "W" to the average D1 FBS team. I would be surprised if we beat a not very good (by recent standards) Northwestern team at this point, and I don't see many other wins on the schedule.

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