I teared-up in the second quarter. Right there in the pressbox. I hoped that nobody noticed, and turned towards the wall to wipe the tears away, but yep, totally had tears in my eyes. I will now attempt to tell you why. First off, the music is a big

From The Stands - Northwestern 2021

I'm in the press conference right now trying to publish this from my phone. Haven't done that in a while so this is gonna be one of those "hope this works!" articles. Well, this isn't an "article". It's just some words before I post the audio. I should


I've been racking my brain on how to describe these first 17 days of the Illinois basketball season, and one word finally hit me - weird. When I arrived at the State Farm Center tonight and saw the Illinois injury report (Andre Curbelo - OUT; Trent

SOC - Northwestern 2021

Just wanted to tell a quick basketball story before I get to the final football SOC of the year. Well, two basketball stories. Actually, three. I was at the game tonight. Tyler was too, and he's covering the game for the site, so right now we're

Strength Of Schedule

I've always felt like strength of schedule should be discussed ten times more than it is in college football. OK, "ten more times" is a bit much. I've always felt like strength of schedule should be discussed 2.6 times more than it is. There are only

So, How We Doin'? Texas - Rio Grande Valley

This one is gonna be suuuuper short. It's Thanksgiving evening and I have about 20 minutes here to write about this game against something called Texas Rio Grande Valley. Also, the tryptophan is kicking in and my brain is fuzzy. This one should be an

Those Were The Days - Northwestern

Thing I just remembered: there wasn't a game after Thanksgiving last year. It was the Ohio State game that was canceled due to a Covid outbreak at Ohio State. I wanted to make so many "what a tradition - Illinois vs. Ohio State on the Saturday after

Craig Has The Scout - Northwestern 2021

**Coming Up** **Who**: Northwestern Wildcats **When**: 2:30 pm - November 27th, 2021 **Where**: Home Sweet Home **How**: BTN **Opponent Primer:** **Head Coach: Patty Fitz**. He's been at the helm since 2006 and is awfully quiet these days. It

Working Through It

This was a very odd game. The PA announcer was talking during game play, the timeout hype man started screaming "let me hear ya KANNNSASSSSSS CITYYYYYY" while Trent Frazier lay on the floor in pain (until enough people shouted at him that he realized

All Too Well

I'm trying to scroll through Twitter to make sense of things (impossible) and Twitter is like "you once paused over this one tweet that means you probably like Taylor Swift here's some Taylor Swift news put directly in your feed do you like it?" No

Postscript, Iowa

I'm not gonna quote the speech. You know the one. The one that Al Pacino gives in "Any Given Sunday" ahead of the climactic football game. The one that probably gets used in every stadium jumbotron pump-up-the-crowd video. OK, I'll paraphrase it. He

Bowl Math

No need for an intro here. We need to go straight to the math. You want to know one thing: if Illinois wins on Saturday against Northwestern, is there a chance at making a bowl at 5-7? Minnesota and Nebraska made it to a bowl in 2015 when they finished

So, How We Doin'? Cincinnati

I still haven't decided how I'm going to do with this tomorrow night. Write just one post? "Here's what I thought of the Cincinnati game and here's what I think of the Arkansas game"? I guess this game is early (5:30 Central), so I'll have time to write

Extended FamILLy

First I'll tell you why I was in the stands. And then I'll tell you _why_ I was in the stands. When I get to the stadium, I go to Gate I. The gates at Kinnick are letters, and when I walked up to the stadium I was at Gate G, so I followed the sidewalk

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