Floor Plans

Let's just start here: In my estimation, Bret Bielema knows what wins in college football. This does not mean that he will win at Illinois, but after 10 months of covering him, I am fairly certain that he understands what it takes to build a winning

Bye Week Mailbag IV

Writing location: an Airbnb in Kansas City early on a Sunday morning while my wife kids (and their various wives and girlfriends) are asleep. Had a wedding here yesterday. The schedule change for Illini football that came down back in February was a

Bye Week Mailbag III

Random thought before we get to the mailbag. Maybe I'll just call this me asking me a mailbag question. Would Illinois be 6-0 with Michigan State's schedule? One common opponent so far - Nebraska - and Illinois beat Nebraska 30-22 while Michigan State

Bye Week Mailbag II

I love that photo right there. Just Kofi with an ILL sign during a football game where we gained 93 total yards, single-handedly lifting up the homecoming crowd with a sign that, to all of us, said "don't worry - I've got you." So in honor of that

Basketball Is Life

Homecoming Saturday dawned crisp and clear in Champaign. Brilliant sunshine outlining those first shades of orange appearing on tree leaves under an impossibly blue sky. It was one of those classic autumn mornings. A perfect day for…BASKETBALL! Unless

Bye Week Mailbag I

Bye week feels like a good time for a mailbag. I think I'll maybe do four mailbag posts. For this mailbag, the questions come from our Slack channel (kind of our private message board for upper tier subscribers). This one will be football - maybe number

2022 Depth Chart

Bye weeks can only start one way around here: with next year's depth chart. I think I've been doing this since 2012? The bye week gives us a chance to pause and look at next season. This year, with our Week Zero game against Nebraska, we actually have

Postscript, Wisconsin

The grass is always greener. It was on the green grass of Grange Grove, steps from Memorial Stadium, that I was reminded of this truism. As I mentioned in the Charlotte Postscript, this past weekend was my group of friends' annual trip to Champaign

Took A Nap

Looking through my phone, my first text to my wife was at 3:09. It simply said "I'm exhausted". At 3:26 I texted her "like, really exhausted". At 4:03, "just absolutely spent. might try to find a place to take a nap?" At 4:41, "great nap. back awake

SOC - Wisconsin 2021

The thing that's been sticking with me all week is the line. I tweeted about it on Monday. We play Maryland at home and the line is 7 and then we play Wisconsin and the line is 9? That line has now moved to 11, which makes a little more sense, so


(free article) Anthony and Danielle are getting married tomorrow. And the wedding was perfectly planned. The Illini have a bye week on October 9th, so Champaign hotel rooms well be plentiful. Wait, hold on, I've just been handed this note from the Big

Those Were The Days - Wisconsin

I just gave up on publishing the CTT this week. Not enough hours in the day. I have another article I need to finish here, so I'm gonna do something lame like publish two CTT posts during the bye week. I considered skipping basketball media day yesterday

Talk Of The Town

This is the first time I've attended Big Ten Media Days. Didn't even attend football media days back in July. I've always answered the "why not?" question with "it's just not my thing." I don't really ever write those articles. I don't ask Brad Underwood

Craig Has The Scout - Wisconsin 2021

**Coming Up** **Who**: Wisconsin Badgers **When**: 2:30 pm - October 9th, 2021 **Where**: Home Sweet Homecoming **How**: BTN **Opponent Primer:** **Head Coach: Paul Chryst**. Hiring new coaches is the best way to tank a program. The Badgers made

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