I Made A Robot

When I tailgate, I KanJam. Have you KanJammed? A frisbee, a trash can with a slot cut into it, you partner up with someone and try to get the frisbee in the trash can. I've done a lot of KanJamming, but I've never thought to make the cans into a robot

Long Haul

You're probably sick of me writing about long rebuilds. Many of you, when seeing what Jeff Brohm is doing at Purdue, dismiss the idea altogether. So perhaps my "here's some more thoughts on the South Florida loss" post should center around that topic

Tracking Expectations

I watched the game with some friends tonight. OK, I watched the game, they sat out on the deck and listened to the crashing waves on the beach (I'm in the OBX). And I realized how silly I must appear to the casual sports fan. This is my attempt to

SOC - South Florida

This is odd. I'm writing this SOC from the exact same spot that I wrote the Michigan SOC last year (like, the exact same spot). I've been in this location twice in my life (I'm 900 miles from home), and I've SOC'd here twice. I don't know why I'm telling

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

  • Sep 29 Nebraska 7:00 PM / BTN
  • Oct 07 @ Iowa 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Oct 14 Rutgers 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Oct 21 @ Minnesota 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Oct 28 Wisconsin 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Nov 04 @ Purdue 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Nov 17 Indiana 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Nov 18 @ Ohio State 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Nov 25 Northwestern 12:00 AM / TBD

2020 Vision

So the 2020 and 2021 schedules came out this week. And you can't help but think about those seasons, right? I mean, how many of the starters do we already know for the 2020 season? WHAT'S THAT? You want to see a depth chart? Don't mind if I do.

OK, a

Those Were The Days - South Florida

We've never played South Florida before. So Detlef can't take us back to our earlier glory days when we knocked off USF as the sun shone down on Illini football. Instead, he'll take us back to 2004, which he dubbed the "Ron Turner Farewell Tour". Take

Craig Has The Scout - South Florida 2017

Ghosts of the Football Game Past

Night game wins are the best wins. I love the atmosphere of the tailgate lots before the games, the general build up to the game and the exuberant nature of fans in the stands who might be over lubricated. I primarily

WKU Review

I said I was going with raw audio for these, right? Well this is raw. As in, the call cut off so the last thing you'll hear on this "podcast" is me asking my friend Carmen if he's still there after a long awkward silence. But I dig that. I said this


Had I had maybe one more cup of coffee yesterday I probably could have written straight through until morning. Alas, I went to bed at 2:30. But then I woke up with even more thoughts about the game, so let's just keep going like the postgame post never

Player Interviews - Western Kentucky

I decided to record all of these in one podcast. My plan is to have all audio synced to the same thing so that people who want audio can subscribe to it. And in an effort to not spam that feed, I'll put all of these in one recording. One problem - I

Youth Gone Wild

I often struggle to find the right way to emphasize things. "No no, you don't understand, Mark Alstork fills a MASSIVE hole for the 17/18 basketball team". But I've never struggled this much. I have no idea how to describe the youth on this team. I

From The Stands - Western Kentucky

WHAT IS HAPPENING. I mean, I predicted a win, but I didn't predict a complete and total shutdown of a high-powered offense by a defense made up primarily of freshmen and sophomores. We'll get to the offense later, but here's 11 minutes of me rambilng

SOC - Western Kentucky

So I'm watching some of the pregame for Patriots/Chiefs last night at the gym (no, really). And the Patriots roll out these five massive 30-foot tall Lombardi Trophies to remind everyone how many titles they've won. And I got to thinking - I'd so much

Those Were The Days - Western Kentucky

The weather looks nearly perfect tomorrow. It's going to be one of those days that makes me look up from my tailgate and say WHY ISN'T EVERY ILLINI FAN ON EARTH HERE RIGHT NOW??? To get us all in the mood, here's Detlef with his recollection of our

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