Low And Slow

When I lived on the outskirts of St. Louis, I used to stop at this roadside BBQ stand that had the best pork known to man. I once asked the guy his secret: "Low and slow, baby". I will now equate that to Lovie Smith and recruiting. And, well, everything

Baseball Opening Weekend

The opening weekend of the 2017 season was not kind to the Fighting Illini baseball team. After waiting out some rain on opening night, the Illini put a five-spot on Milwaukee (aka Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the state's only D1 baseball team) in the bottom

24 Hours

I decided to wait 24 hours before writing about the Northwestern game. When I sat down last night, I was still in this NURDS BEEN SWEPT mood so I knew I'd say silly things about the Tournament still being in play and such. Never blog on a high. So

People Forget That

Five years ago, as Bruce Weber's tenure was winding down, I first wrote about The Stats. My friend Erik has dutifully maintained The Stats over the years, having researched college basketball from every angle to see where we stand as a program. So with

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

  • Feb 26 @ Nebraska 5:30 PM / BTN
  • Mar 01 Michigan State 7:00 PM / BTN
  • Mar 04 @ Rutgers 10:00 AM / ESPNU

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Bobby Roundtree

OK, I am now officially caught up on LLUOI posts. Which means that if any 2018 kids want to verbal soon, hey, I'm here for you.

I'm glad I'm doing the Roundtree LLOUI post last because it's nearly three weeks after Signing Day and I still get excited

We're Illinois And They're Iowa

Two 14-12 teams got together at Carver-Hawkeye Arena and played the type of game befitting two 14-12 teams. They combined for 42 fouls and 32 turnovers, a plurality of which were inexplicably traveling violations. It wasn't a game for the connoisseur

Post-Practice Interviews From Saturday

Here are three interviews with Jaylen Dunlap, Nick Allegretti, and Coach Butkus. The interview with Coach Butkus has a third participant. As I was interviewing him his son, Bear, decided to grab dad's whistle and make some noise in the background. No

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Jamal Woods

Let's (finally) finish these last two LLUOI posts from Signing Day. I covered both of these players in the signing day post and assigned them Cruises but each player deserves his own LLUOI. Let's start with Jamal Woods.

Do you know why there's a

Practice Thoughts (Part II)

I'm the worst at this. I'll put up a "Part I" and then not find time for "Part II" for four days. So this will be a combo: thoughts about the 30 minutes open to the media today + additional thoughts from Wednesday.

And perhaps the best way to go about

A Few Player Interviews

With my wife out of town, this weekend will be one big blog blitz. I'm headed to Champaign in about 30 minutes to watch the open part of practice and then do some interviews after. So for starters, maybe I should post the interviews from after practice

Back & Forth - Ups And (Mostly) Downs

Our emails began right after the Northwestern win last week and then ran right up through this week. So Tyler and I were, how should I say it, faux-happy at the beginning of this... and then right back to the new normal by the end.

I'm going to try

2017 Baseball Preview

Editor's Note: Spring football has begun and it will be 60 degrees this weekend, so that must mean it's baseball season. Ben returns for a third season at IlliniBoard to write about Illini baseball. This is his 2017 preview. Enjoy!

The 2017

Valentine's Day Practice Notes (Part I)

First off, shout-out to my wife for moving our V-Day dinner to Thursday. A coach named Lovie decided to start spring practice on Valentine's Day, so off to Champaign I went to spend some time with my second love.

I have lots I want to talk about. So

A Much Needed Week Off

Never has a team needed a midweek bye more than this Illinois team. Another home loss and another lost opportunity to win back to back conference games. For a team that's played twice a week every week since getting the doors blown off by Indiana, it

Football Recruiting Headquarters

Needs, targets, and gut-feels on the 2017 football recruiting class, all in one link:

Football Recruiting HQ

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