Craig Has The Scout - Florida Atlantic

Three more "this is written by Craig, not Robert" intros to write. The revised website goes up October 8th no matter what, and once that goes up, Craig will have the ability to publish his own articles under his byline again. Which means I won't have

23-24 Hoops Schedule

Let's cleanse the palate with a little basketball talk. The schedule was (finally) released yesterday, and even though we already knew the Big Ten home and away opponents, now we know the order of the games. An order that ends with at Wisconsin, home

Postscript, Penn State

I'm very good at picking very bad games to attend. On the podcast with Robert over the summer, I talked about how my buddies and I were at the North Carolina game in 2016. That was not a bad game to attend. Illinois lost, but it was a great atmosphere

What's Success Rate?

First off, some housekeeping. A lot of IlliniBoard renewals happen at this time of year. We have an auto-renew system (with a one-click "unsubscribe"), so unless you hit that unsubscribe button, your subscription will automatically renew to the credit

Scoring Drives

Let's say there's, like, a college football game show where you have to know how to read a box score. And it's one of those 80's game shows with Wink Martindale as the host or whatever. Wink turns to Team Robert and asks us if we want to play or pass

SOC - Penn State 2023

I have no feel for this one at all. I know that this is the best Penn State team since maybe 2016, but given that they've only played West Virginia and Delaware so far (starting left tackle for Delaware: Blaise Sparks), this first road test might be a

Those Were The Days - Penn State

I was hoping that this would be a trip back to the 2007 game. But Detlef already wrote about that one. He tries to choose a different game each time he writes one of these, so this time, he chose a game from 12 years before I was born. Pete Elliot vs

Craig Has The Scout - Penn State 2023

This is the intro I have to write so that you know that Craig Has The Scout is not Robert Has The Scout. You probably know that by now but there might be a new reader some day and if there is, they'd need to know that this is Craig Has The Scout. Here


I'm setting a 90-minute timer for writing this because when I write about Illini golf I sometimes get lost in it. I need to stay on track here, and it's 90 minutes until midnight, so I'm going to pretend like I'll turn back into a pumpkin at midnight

What's To Come

Regardless of whether you've been to see the doctor in the last 72 hours, I think it's safe to say that your August Syndrome is clearing up. You received all the medicine you needed on Friday night. It's not a bad thing, of course. You simply drank a

Postscript, Kansas

My son loves Spider-Man. I don't have anything against Spider-Man or anyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, per se. But I wasn't raised on it, and I didn't care about the MCU before he got into it a few years ago. Now, I'm the kind of person who

Everything Changes

As I was scrambling to finish The 90 Illini last week, I started just writing about whatever was on my mind in the intro. For the Reggie Love 90 Illini post, the entire intro is about the song "Everything Changes" from the musical "Waitress." I wrote

From The Stands - Kansas

This one is From The Visiting Athletic Director's Suite. No, I didn't have an invite (Josh, call me) but I needed a quiet place to record From The Stands away from the press area (but without actually going down to the stands because I'm on a tight

SOC - Kansas

It's always weird to write one of these on a Thursday night. Just feels off. And I'll have to do it again in four weeks for the Nebraska game. It doesn't feel weird, however, to write this the night before our first road game. No matter the Illini

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