Thoughts On The New Football Performance Center

First there was the south endzone renovation, complete with locker rooms and coaches offices and a new tunnel for the team to enter from the south. Then we heard that everything was shifting to the northeast. And today we got some drawings. I think I

Win Football Games With This One Weird Trick

As my beloved football team has struggled to reach the win column for the better part of the last 26 years, I've spent the majority of every offseason thinking of things that need to be fixed. Which is usually "everything". Each season usually focuses

The 90 Illini - 60 ~ 56

I need a job where I just fly everywhere. Do you know how much writing I could get done if part of my job was to hop on an airplane for two and a half hours? Of course, this guy across the aisle from me is going through profit and loss reports (things

Mountain Thoughts

It's the middle of the night but I've decided to type out some random thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head over the last few days while I was wandering around at 10,000 feet trying to find oxygen. Mountain, not airplane. These will

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

On The DL

On a radio thing last week, I pointed out that the updated roster has Henry McGrew at tight end. A friend who listened to that sent me a text - "so will the entire defensive line be underclassmen?" - and instead of a simple text back I decided to make


Coming to you live from a random interstate-exit hotel. Really looking forward to tomorrow morning's continental breakfast with a toasted bagel and one of those weird circular danish things with white cheese in the middle. And knockoff Frosted Flakes

The 90 Illini - 65 ~ 61

Back to back 90i posts! I swear I’m going to stay on track this year, so typing up ten of these over a couple days gets me back on the lead lap. So let’s keep digging into The 90 Most Important Illini Players For The 2017 Season with the players I

The 90 Illini - 70 ~ 66

Hey look at that I'm already behind. I'm certain that no one reading this is surprised. I have a couple long flights here, so this is me hoping that I can used those flights and get a lot of writing done. Of course, I didn't charge my laptop battery

Phase II

I don't respond to as many as I should, but I do enjoy lots of the comments under posts. Sometimes I start to respond and it gets too long and just becomes its own post. That's what this is. A comment from OrangeJulius on the Daniel Barker post sparked

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Daniel Barker

I was so confused at first. I'm watching Daniel Barker's film a few weeks ago, and I know he's a high school teammate of Illini recruit Jakari Norwood, and I'm trying to find a clip of Barker blocking for Norwood, but I can't find them in the same frame


As I'm writing these posts for The 90 Illini, I keep stumbling over how young this team will be. I know I've said that a dozen times already, but my reaction is the same every time I stumble over some additional statistic. Today's statistic: experience

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Ron Hardge III

After the Turner and Zook experience, I have a friend who is all "no more Rons in Illini football". Well, he's going to be a bit disappointed, because now there's another Ron. Ron Hardge will be joining his high school teammate Carlos Sandy in Champaign

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Blake Hayes

While catching up on LLOUI posts here, I realized that I need to do one for the new punter. Typically, these posts are for the next recruiting class, but we just added a guy who will be punting this fall. Well, spring for him.

Blake Hayes is about

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Kievan Myers

My very first thought? If he sticks with his commitment, I'm going to spend the next five years saying "it's not Meyers, it's MYERS - M-Y-E-R-S". I don't know why I'll care, but I know I will. Everyone's name should be spelled correctly.


Football Recruiting Headquarters

Needs, targets, and gut-feels on the 2017 football recruiting class, all in one link:

Football Recruiting HQ

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