SOC - Northwestern 2022

I'm in my Chicago hotel room and I'm nervous. I didn't think I'd be nervous but I'm nervous. Let's talk about why I might be nervous. First off, it's Northwestern. Losing to them as many times as we lost to them the last 20 years has been really

Those Were The Days - Northwestern

I did it AGAIN. I have Detlef's TWTD. All I have to do is cut and paste it into an article and hit the publish button. But because it's the Friday after Thanksgiving, I always forget. It's 11:54 PM, I sat down to write the SOC in my Chicago hotel room

Craig Has The Scout - Northwestern 2022

My last CHTS intro for the year. WAIT, that's not true. There will be another CHTS for the bowl game. Perhaps by then all of the other usernames will be fixed and Craig can post this as himself. Or perhaps by then mine will break as well and you'll all

Tale Of Two Cities XVI: Mailbag 2

Seems weird to end on 16 here. Maybe I should make up a post so that the Tale Of Two Cities series reaches 17. Would allow me to start the next one with my standard "this is one of the seventeen posts written about this past weekend" jokes. Oh well.

Tale Of Two Cities XV: Mailbag 1

Gonna wrap up this little "blogging" series by taking some questions. And this first one isn't even a question. It's a really good response that was buried under 30 other comments in a recent post and I wanted to cut-and-paste it here and then discuss

Tale Of Two Cities XIV: The Field Pass Michigan Recap

I took most of the last two days off. Battery symbol was red so I needed to plug myself into the charger. I've got an old battery, so I'm only charged up to 71% at this point, but that's enough to get back into this. We'll start with the Michigan recap

Tale Of Two Cities XIII: Postscript, Michigan

I've never understood the "no moral victories" people. Moral victories are real. Some coaches might say they aren't, but they've got ulterior motives. They can't be trusted as sources about the existence of moral victories. Fans who say moral victories

Tale Of Two Cities XII: The Hangover

Editor's Note: This is a Tyler article. But I'm publishing it under my byline. Because for some reason, comments aren't allowed on Tyler articles right now. Craig can't publish... Tyler's articles aren't allowing comments... we've pretty much reached

Tale Of Two Cities XI: Charlie Be Quiet

I've been listening to a lot of Charlie Puth. You read that right. Me, Mr. Uppity Classical Music Guy, listening to pop sensation eyebrow guy. Or maybe I should say me, Mr. College Football Lunkhead Guy, listening to pop sensation eyebrow guy. Here's

Tale of Two Cities X: So, How We Doin’ - Virginia

Writing this one while that crushing football loss to Michigan remains painfully fresh. We were all thisclose to having tomorrow's hoops game be the potential linchpin of the most epic Illini sports weekend ever. Alas, the fourth quarter in Ann Arbor

Tale Of Two Cities IX: Hardware Stores

As a kid, on Saturday mornings, I'd go to the hardware store with my dad. Maybe we needed a new rake handle because I broke the last one, maybe we needed some rope to tie down the glowing Santa that went up on the roof, but whatever we needed, we got

Tale Of Two Cities VIII: From The Stands - Michigan

I'm planning to write about the thing I talk about here in this FTS. So I think I'm just going to publish the audio right now and then take some time working out the concept in an article. There's this really thin line between "these games are completely

Tale of Two Cities VII: We Run This Town

It's been several hours since that game ended and I'm still not sure what I witnessed. The game was going pretty much to the expected script. We built an early first half lead on some unsustainable three point shooting, our inexperience started to

Tale Of Two Cities VI: SOC - Michigan

I'm still completely buzzing from this basketball game. I don't even know how to get my brain in SOC mode. Maybe I'll just pick up the story from where I left off (where I was on the train from Champaign to Chicago praising rail travel) and then we'll

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